Saturday, April 12, 2008


My grandmother, who I adored, passed away in January, 5 days after we lost our baby girl at 19 weeks. It was already such a horrible time for us that when we received the news that my grandma died...I didn't think I could go on one more day. Well, 3 months have passed and everyday seems to be getting better and better. It is a day to day process.

My parents got together with all my aunts and uncles to finally go thru and sort out what grandma had left behind. We had already sold her house a few years back, so they were now just going thru things they couldn't bear to let go of then now. My kids and I stopped by to see how everything was going and my aunt handed me a leather envelope with a Kleenex in it. I said, "sweet a Kleenex holder, something I have always wanted". I put it in my pocket and kept talking. My aunt said, "no Beck, there is something inside". I kept talking and as I opened it I wasn't sure what it might be. Well, they had given me my grandmother's wedding ring. I was so overwhelmed and shocked I started crying and yelling "why me? why did you pick me?" It was the nicest gift I had ever received. If you knew my grandmother, wearing her ring was an honor. She was truly a remarkable woman. I am still in shock and do not feel I am worthy to wear her ring, but I will forever and ever and will take great pride in being able to wear this wonderful gift.
Here is a picture of my grandma...She was beautiful and I miss her dearly!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Today I am 35

I feel like today is the day I should start a blog. Never tried it why not? I am pretty sure I am not very interesting, so I've decided to just take a test drive on the blogging thing.

Today I turned 35. My husband was gone all day and I was home with the kids on a very rainy day. Decided I was going to make my self cupcakes for my birthday. My friend had told me about cupcakes she saw on Martha Stewart this past week during "Cupcake Week" on her show. You make a 9x13 cake from a box. Crumble it up into a bowl after it cools and mix it up with a jar of cream cheese frosting. Roll the mixture in to 50-70 little balls and freeze.....etc....stick them on a lollipop stick and decorate. They sounded so cute, and the woman that makes these has her own blog with a picture of them. So, I checked out her blog and decided this would be my gift to myself. OMG, too much work for me.....but I will say they are adorable and they were tasty. Everyone agreed.

She is so excited about baking. Her stuff is so cute.

Here is my version of her lollipop cupcakes:

Her version is a lot cuter. I had a hard time keeping the little cakes to stay on the lollipop stick.

But, today I am 35 and I made my cupcakes and they were good.